Programme Overview

Our Programme

We teach using the 9-bead abacus. What makes the 9-bead abacus suitable for young learners?

  • It is a new generation abacus that is improvised from the Soroban (5-bead abacus).
  • It comes in bright colours that makes it attractive and easy for young children to manipulate.
  • 1 bead represents 1 number, so that children don’t need to memorise so many formulae, yet arrive at accurate and fast answers to sums.
  • Having to memorise fewer formulae means less stress is placed on their short term memory, freeing it up for other important learning areas.

Student Learning Materials

We provide a complete set of quality materials to kickstart your child’s abacus learning journey as they progress. This includes our 9-bead abacus, progressive workbooks, a reward card and our yellow bag.

Our numeracy objectives are long-term and holistic. We use carefully researched teaching materials such as manipulatives, tablets, teaching videos, audio recording and e-quizzes to aid the child’s learning and make our lessons fun and interactive.