Abacus Around the World

Lee’s Abacus was invented in 1950 by Lee Kai Chen in Taiwan. It incorporates features of both Chinese as well as Japanese abacus.
Soroban is developed in Japan. It is derived from the ancient Chinese Suanpan and imported to Japan in the 14th century. It is still used today, despite the proliferation of practical and affordable pocket electronic calculators.
The Suanpan is an abacus of Chinese origin that was invented in about 500BC. It is regarded as the fifth great invention in Chinese history.
The main difference between the Russian abacus and Chinese abacus is the position of the rods. The rods are placed horizontally in the Russian Abacus and the beads are slided from right to left.
The Roman Abacus was developed for the use of moneychangers and bankers, businessmen, and engineers, using stones in ancient Rome. Fun Fact: Romans also invented 3 different types of Abacus: 1. The Dust Abacus 2. The Line Abacus 3. The Grooved Abacus