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We are a team of Abacus Mental Arithmetic Teachers who have over 10 years of Abacus Mental Arithmetic 珠心算 teaching experience in Singapore. Your child will be in good hands.

Is Abacus Mental Arithmetic for my child

Parents bring their children to us for various reasons:

  1. to grasp mathermatical concept like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  2. to develop longer concentration span
  3. to enhance calculation speed and abilities in calculation

If any of these points is what you’d like to work on your child, our program may provide a solution to your objective.

Personalized Learning Method

Visualization Training

Mental Maths Training

Speed/Response Training

Multimedia Teaching

Our Unique Features

The numbers don’t lie.

A track record of successfully teaching thousands of students with our 9-bead abacus proprietary syllabus.


Small group size.

Our class is capped to 6 students per class. At least 1 trained course facilitator will assist the main teacher if there are more than 4 students.


Empowering students to take ownership of learning.

We encourage our students to take ownership of their learning through a reward system where the students will be rewarded with stamps and stickers for good work and great attitude in class.


Nurturing a balanced character.

As your child advances in his/her mental calculation speed and accuracy, s/he will be confident in accepting new challenges without becoming conceited. They will have the willingness to help their weaker peers.


Strategic recruitment of Teachers and training.

Our teachers are either pre-school trained or have relevant teaching experience. Teachers undergo a specially designed in-house rigorous training course of at least 3 months and must go through a practicum under the guidance from our field supervisors and assessment.


International Accreditation.

Our annual International Grading Examinations is accredited by International Abacus and Mathematics Association (IAMA), Taiwan.


Learning Centres

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Student Taught

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Katong Katong Plaza, I Broke Road, #02-45 Singapore 429979
West Coast Newest, 1 West Coast Road, #01-21 Singapore 128020
Bishan Block 505B Bishan St 11 #01-422 Singapore 572505
Tampines Block 473 Tampines St 43 #01-92 Singapore 520473
Yishun 30A Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768796
Hougang The Midtown Lobby B, 1187 Upper Serangoon Rd #02-35, Singapore 533971



My son has been with Fun with Abacus since kindergarten and he is taking his PSLE this year. The class has helped him tremendously with his maths in school as he does not need to worry about calculations nor careless mistakes due to calculation. The classes have also instilled in him discipline and perseverance since they are required to finish a number of questions within a short time. This cannot be possible without constant practicing and the discipline to practice daily. The teachers are very nurturing and supportive throughout his learning journey.

Ferine and Chong HanParent of Jenell and Jeneth

Both Jenell and Jeneth have enjoyed Teacher Joy’s classes and developed a liking for Mathematics. As a result, Jenell who is now in Primary 2 is doing very well in Mathematics at school. We believe that Teacher Joy’s classes have contributed a large part to her excellent academic results at school.

We would strongly recommend Teacher Joy to any parent who wishes to enrol his/her child(ren) for Abacus Arithmetic classes.

Chai Boon Leng, PatrickParent of Chai Man Xian and Chai Yu Xuan

Both my children, to me they are not that simple to handle. They need great patient, proper guidance and the right techniques, to mould them into what they can achieved now. It is my heartfelt honour, to complement you that you have them all.

My wife and I, sincerely hope that you shall continue to teach, to guide, to help more other children. I believe, many parents like us, would like to say thank you to your great teaching and guidance.

Stacy ChengParent of Sheri-Anne and Sheryl-Lynn

The reason I approached Teacher Joy each time my girls turned 5 year old is because Teacher Joy is able to instill & cultivate the joy of learning mathematics through early exposure of abacus, taught in a fun way.

My eldest daughter is now in her 1st Year Integrated Program (IP) with Temasek Junior College (TJC). She got into TJC via Direct School Admission (DSA) partly due to her participation in Math Olympiad representing her school. I would think her early exposure to abacus played a part in developing her interest in this area.

My 2nd daughter is now in Primary 4 and she too, is best in Mathematics among the 4 subjects. Needless to say, my youngest K1 girl is now enjoying her weekly abacus lesson with Teacher Joy, always looking forward to her Wednesday class. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Teacher Joy for her dedication & patience in nurturing my girls.

Juanita's MummyParent of Juanita

Juanita developed a love for Math because of Abacus and she enjoyed her lesson. When we first joined I thought her age is too young for abacus, however she is coping well. After joining the program, I have seen improvement on her concentration level. Her accuracy level also increases which helps her achieved good results in school. The teachers here in Fun With Abacus also very friendly and helpful. Whenever I consult them for a problem with Juanita, they would always helps to find solution to it. I feel abacus program is a good start for kids to learn their math better.

Lucius's MummyParent of Lucius

Lucius was first exposed with Fun with Abacus in his Kindergarten. At that point in time, he was very interested in numbers. When he started in Primary 1 (P1), he stopped learning abacus because we wanted him to focus on P1. But surprisingly, he requested to join back in the middle of P1, so we enrolled him back to Fun With Abacus. Lucius’ level of concentration is definitely better now and he’s able to solve math problem pretty fast and accurate. Also, the teachers in Fun with Abacus are very patient and very encouraging. They usually will set milestones and more targets for Lucius. Every lesson there will be target set and the teacher will stretch him and push him to reach the target. And these are the little milestones that once the child can achieve, is very encouraging. I really appreciate that from the teachers.

Start As Early As 4 Years Old