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Our programme is fun and engaging and carefully designed to incorporate materials and methods that children enjoy and can easily understand. We have over 20 years of helping thousands of students build a Math foundation for life, and we are committed to helping your child do so!

About Us

The numbers don’t lie

We have track record of successfully teaching thousands of students. We conduct classes in many childcare centres around Singapore with high continuation rate from pre-school.

Small group size

Quality attention to each child so that they learn well. Our group size is capped to 6 per class with at least 1 trained course facilitator to assist the main teacher if the class has more than 4 students.

Empowering students to take ownership

Weekly report card for good work and great attitude! Students strive to improve their timing and set specific goals for themselves. This is the start of independent and self-directed learning.

Nurturing a balanced character

We abide by these ‘The 3 C’s. Students are Confident when encountering challenges but not conceited! They help their weaker peers.

Professionally trained teachers

Our teachers are either pre-school trained or have teaching experience, undergo a specially designed in-house rigorous training course of at least 3 months and are required to go through a practicum assessment under the guidance from our field supervisors.

International Accreditation

Annual International Grading Examinations accredited by the Taiwan National Abacus
Mental Arithmetic Association. Students are eligible after a minimum 18 months of learning.


Here’s what our Parents say about Fun with Abacus

My son has been with Fun with Abacus since kindergarten and he is taking his PSLE this year. The class has helped him tremendously with his maths in school as he does not need to worry about calculations nor careless mistakes due to calculation. The classes have also instilled in him discipline and perseverance since they are required to finish a number of questions within a short time. This cannot be possible without constant practicing and the discipline to practice daily. The teachers are very nurturing and supportive throughout his learning journey.
Thank you so much for the wonderful journey.


We had been looking for an alternative to traditional mathematics regiments, which do not seem to work with Thea and my personal experience in learning to use the abacus in my childhood led me to conclude that it would be a better fit for Thea.
We truly believe that learning the abacus is beneficial to any child’s development of understanding of arithmetic, especially those with difficulty understanding basic concepts.

Thea Pereira

Sending children to enrichment classes is really a big commitment that requires time and money. Fun with Abacus is one class that I feel is really worth it! They have great teachers that pay close attention to the children’s progress, and their classes are fun for the kids.

Tiffany (5+) & Kayla (7)Students

My 4yo boy attends Fun with Abacus and he loves their classes! I like their methodology of teaching math concepts and his interest in Math has thus increased. He is also more proficient in counting. Definitely recommended!

Jaymes (4)Student

My boy has been with Fun with Abacus since N2. Learning abacus has slowly built up his confidence and helped him to focus. He even told me that he created his own 'math club' in his preschool and willingly teaches any of his classmates who have difficulty in math. He is going to primary 1 soon next year. I believe that he will be at least well prepared in math in primary school. Thank you to all dedicated teachers who have been patiently teaching him all along.

Shaun (6)Student

Many ask how abacus helps a child. Look at the sums they can do by K2. Transition to primary school is a breeze if their foundation is set. Fun With Abacus is an amazing place for learning. Classes are fun and interactive. They have great teachers who are very patient with their students. Highly recommend this program.

Kaeven (8) and Kaelyn (11)Student

Joreen has had a great interest in numbers since young. However, we did not send her to abacus enrichment as we were concerned, she would be confused with the school's regular math teaching method. Gosh we're so wrong!! I am confident their abacus programme will train Joreen to be able to count faster & accurately. Most importantly, she enjoys & always looks forward to her classes!

Joreen (5)Student

Duncan's school teacher says his Math is above his peers. This gives Duncan so much confidence! He looks forward to his Abacus lessons every week! Learning the Abacus has helped him to be more disciplined and improved his concentration

Duncan (8)Student

Fun with Abacus is an amazing place for learning. Classes are fun and interactive. They have great teachers who are very patient with their students. Highly recommend this program.

Nikae (6)Student

Evan can count faster, and he has gained a lot of confidence in doing calculations in Mathematics. With the help of Fun with Abacus, Evans does not need to approach us for guidance when doing his homework!

Evans Woo (10)Student

You'd think it'll be hard for a five-year-old to understand or calculate without the help of their fingers or anything, but I was very surprised that Kylie could do so in less than a day! Abacus isn't just about working towards teaching mental arithmetic but also doing it with SPEED. Within two days, Kylie could answer the questions in a snap!

Kylie (5)Student
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