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About us

We are Fun With Abacus, we are here to help

Our philosophy

Fun with Abacus started with a vision more than ten years ago. A vision that starts with 3 Ps.

Passion - in working with children

Patience - in imparting knowledge

Participation - in the child’s learning journey

Joy Tay

Fun With Abacus milestones

Joy Tay, our founder, started teaching abacus to the young by adopting syllabus from Taiwan, After a while, she noticed the learning difficulties by the local young learners and decided to start her own workbooks. She sees the importance of having a good workbook as part of a component for a good program. Till now, she is still continuously finding ways to improve on her workbooks to suit the changing learning pattern of the young learners.

Mission & goals

Using Abacus as a tool to introduce numbers and master the calculation skill.