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International Competitions

Your Child can be the next Mental Arithmetic Champion

International Competitions

Competitions organized by the International Abacus Mathematics Association (IAMA) takes place twice a year in two different countries – One is held in Malaysia (Melaka) and the other in an Asia country, usually announced when it has been confirmed.

View the video above to see how our students practice for competitions!

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FWA encourages students to take part in competition for few important reasons

  • to challenge their personal best
  • to get to perform tasks under pressure and in a competitive environment
  • to understand sportsmanship – winning is about effort and not results
  • get to feel the sense of achievement and improve self-esteem
  • to instill self-discipline in the process of preparing for the competition
  • develop the ability to handle increasing amounts of frustration and anxiety as competition gets more difficult challenges

Pre requisite and requirements to join the competitions.

  • Children 5 years and above can join the competition
  • must have attained and mastered Anzan skills

Melaka Competition

Melaka Competition is held in Melaka (Malaysia) annually, usually in the month of May or June.

FWA teachers, participants and their parents will take off to Melaka perhaps 1-2 days before the competition day which is held on a weekend morning.

Registration fees of RM150 (based on last year) training and printing fees is pay in Singapore Dollar ($). Based on the past, one paper cost RM60-RM75.

In 2019, 15 students from FWA out of total 975 participants in the competition, (age six to ten years) were awarded with top six positions in the International category.

International Competition

International Competition will be held in a different country in the month of August annually. Participants, their parents and teachers will be travelling to that country before the competition day, which is typically on a Saturday morning.

Past competitions were held at Klang (Malaysia) 2016; Taipei (Taiwan) 2017; Korat (Thailand) 2018; Taipei (Taiwan) 2019.

Registration fees is payable US Dollar (USD).

Training and printing fees is paid in Singapore Dollar (SGD).

For the year 2019 competition, the registration fee was 23USD.

In 2019, 6 of FWA students out of total 759 participants, (age six to ten years old) were awarded with top four positions in the international level.

How FWA teacher helps in preparing participant for the competition?

Participant is encouraged to attend training prior going for the competition

During training, teacher will assist participant to set a realistic and achievable target.

An hour of competition-practice is held at the center with teacher weekly.

Teacher will track participant’s progress (i.e., with the use of sample competition paper and homework assignment).

Teacher will advise and discuss with participant on how to improve in terms of accuracy and speed.

Teacher will also work on the participant’s weaker areas such as calculation carelessness.

Upon completing this one-hour training, participant is to set a higher but achievable target for next week.

Throughout this training period, teacher will update and feedback parents on their child’s progress at the end of each session.

It is also crucial that parents and teachers build a good relationship. Constructive actions and suggestions between both parties will increase the confidence in the child while preparing for his competition, allowing him to perform his very best on the day.

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