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Our Background

Fun With Abacus is a MOE Registered Abacus and Mental Arithmetic School and has been providing Abacus programme for over 10 years to island-wide preschools/ childcare in Singapore.

Over the years, Fun With Abacus has trained and sent our students for competition through our well-structured programme. Our students have won numerous trophies in the recent competitions held at Melaka and Klang, Malaysia.

Take a look at the above video on how our students have been practicing for the competitions.

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How does Abacus transform a child's mind and prepare them to excel in the digital world?

With Abacus, your little one will start to learn number concepts and numerical relationships in a clear and logical way.

At a young age, children enjoy manipulating objects and create their own learning method. Abacus is a concrete tool to learn counting. This tool is appealing to many children as they can manipulate the beads. This will help them to build a good number foundation and fine motor control.

During the initial stage of the course, your child will be learning:

  • How to Count
  • Place Values
  • Addition Sums
  • Addition Sums with ‘Carry Over’
  • Subtraction Sums
  • Subtraction Sums with ‘Borrowing’

Multiplication and division will be taught at a more advanced stage.

After mastering the techniques to use the Abacus, he/she will translate the concrete tool to an imaginary abacus in the head and this is known as ANZAN. This process will build up a child’s concentration ability to perform the task. Once the child has grasped the skills of Anzan, we will then focus on training their calculation speed and accuracy.

With consistent learning, the child will be able to perform mental calculation faster than his/her peers who did not go through the same training. The child’s fear in working with numbers will be eliminated and thus, will increase his/her confidence in Math.

Learning Abacus helps a child in numbers but most importantly, the process of learning will help to:

Once the child has equipped with the knowledge of solving arithmetic sums mentally using an abacus method, we will focus in training their calculation speed and accuracy.

This process will sharpen their logical thinking, improve their concentration skill, increase their endurance power to problem-solving, enhance their mental capacity and of course, lifting up their calculation ability to the next level.

Why our programme has benefited many other children…

  • Lessons are conducted in English
  • 60mins lesson to encourage full learning concentration
  • Small group learning which promotes child’s attentiveness
  • Progression according to individual student’s learning pace
  • Registered with MOE thus, you can trust your child with us
  • Our young learner find it easier to use a 9 beads abacus as it has lesser set of formulae to learn
  • Our curriculum is specially tailored for local children’s learning needs, focusing on concept

Will my child be confused with Abacus and school Maths method?

Some students may be confused at the initial stage by the two methods to solve arithmetic sums. However, no matter how different the methods are, there is always a common logic between the two.

Our well-experienced teachers will explain to the children on the common link and teach them more than one method to solve the sums. Thus, the children can further establish the number relationships.

Abacus transform a child’s mind and prepare them to excel in the digital world

What is the difference between Trial lesson and Assessment session?

Trial lesson refers to an opportunity for the child to try out and have a feel of how an Abacus lesson is being conducted. Most children enjoy learning new things when they are first exposed to it. Hence, if the child enjoys the class, he/she can sign up for a term.

We believe in assessment rather than trial as we would like to assess the child’s ability in numeracy, in order to work out a suitable learning path for him/her. In addition, we welcome parents to sit in for the assessment so as to give parents an insight of the learning journey their child is going to embark on.

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