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What is Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?

  • Abacus is a physical counting tool which helps a young leaner to learn Mathematics in a concrete way
  • Mental Arithmetic is using an imaginary Abacus to count in the mind

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Competition Result

Success don’t work like Magic. It takes Sweat, Determination and Hard Work.

LCT Cup Melaka
1. Vera, 9 yo – 1st National, 1st International
2. Yi Chong, 11 yo – 1st National, 1st International
3. Shakira, 9 yo – 3rd National, 2nd International
4. Aldrik, 9 yo – 2nd National, 2nd International
5. Xavier, 9 yo – 5th National, 5th International
6. Lucius, 9 yo – 4th National, 4th International
7. Matthias, 9 yo – 5th National
8. Advika, 8 yo – 2nd National, 3rd International
9. Juanita, 8 yo – 2nd National, 2nd International
10. Ashwanth, 8 yo – 4th National, 4th International
11. Silas, 8 yo – 1st National, 2nd International
12. Evans, 7 yo – 4th National, 4th International
13. Joel, 7 yo – 5th National, 5th International
14. Ayden, 6 yo – 5th National, 4th International
15. Shayna, 5 yo – 3rd National, 5th International
International Mathematics (Mental Arithmetic Competition @ Korat Thailand)
1. Yi Chong, 11 yo – 2nd
2. Xavier, 9 yo – 3rd
3. Juanita, 8 yo – 3rd
4. Candice, 9 yo – 3rd
5. Shayna, 5 yo – 3rd
6. Shakira, 9 yo – 3rd
7. Vera, 9 yo – 2nd
8. Lucius, 9 yo – 3rd
9. Aldrik, 9 yo – 2nd


  • MOE registered, working along with pre-schoolers for over 10 years
  • Using a 9 beads abacus, simple and easy to learn as the place value is clearly presented (One beads is equals to the value of 1)
  • Small group learning, in a ratio of 1:6 which helps in promotes child’s attentiveness
  • Lessons are conducted in English
  • Non-competitive and less stress as we progress along with the child’s individual learning pace
  • Conducive learning environment and fun-engaging learner, suitable for pre-school to primary level, as we have brain teasers and games to helps child’s learning
  • Learn through concept and not repetitive practice
  • Yearly assessment, to encourage child to challenges themselves and move to another level

How abacus benefit a child to excel in this digital world?

  • Using a concrete tool to build a good numbers foundation in a young mind
  • A walking calculator, learn counting, place value and able to perform Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division sums through using mental calculation
  • Build up a child’s concentration when they transform it to an imaginary abacus in their mind
  • Increase speed of counting and accuracy with consist learning, making less careless mistake
  • Increase their mental capacity and build up endurance power in managing challenges

  • ” Lucius’ level of concentration definitely improved as he’s able to solve math problem pretty fast and accurate as I can see lesser careless mistake from his paper now. Adding on, the teachers in Fun with Abacus are very patient and very encouraging.”

    Lucius's Mummy Parent of Lucius

  • “Juanita developed a love for Math because of Abacus, she enjoyed the classes. After learning abacus for about 4 years, I have seen improvement on her concentration level as well as her accuracy.  Which helps her in getting good results in school.”

    Juanita's Mummy Parent of Juanita

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